Tuscan Spice Blend


Tuscan Spice Blend


Have you ever wanted to visit Tuscany, Italy? 

See, when you try our Tuscan spice blend you will feel as if you are instantly transported there. As soon as you get yours open it, smell it, then taste it straight from the package. You’ll realize just what a beautiful blend this is. 

Applying it to a steak will enhance its meatiness and turn an ordinary steak into a great, memorable experience, with the classic Tuscany palette of deep and rich sage and rosemary crisply settling into the fibers of the beef. This flavor also pairs perfectly with roast chicken, lamb, pork loin roast, burgers, and more.

Pair it to your next Italian dish. Crazy as it sounds let’s face it, classic Italian dishes can sometimes get a little ordinary and bland. The tomato and cheese in a lot of Americana Italian dishes can become distressingly ordinary. Tuscan spice will transform an ordinary spaghetti sauce, and give it an exotic but still authentic Italian flavor.

How about this idea? Take some olive oil and balsamic vinegar, add a teaspoon or two of Tuscan Spice, and shake it up. You’ve got a fresh Italian dressing, as simple as that.

Or, take some bread and put some butter or olive oil on it. Top it with our Tuscan spice blend and toast it or broil it. And suddenly, you've got great bruschetta or garlic bread. Similarly, blend our Tuscan spice with butter and a pinch of salt. Serve this compound Italian butter with warm rolls on the dinner table.

This Tuscan spice is so versatile, you could use it in almost anything. It is also designed for the classic steak on the grill. It's designed for anything you can cook in your oven, or even serve raw. Tuscan Spice is about experimentation. If you like to blast your steaks at 600 degrees, feel free. 

Enjoy! You’ll really appreciate the beauty of flavor that this Tuscan spice brings to your table.

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